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Sachham Cooperations


In order to increase the impact of our work, we are networked with organizations in Switzerland as well as in Nepal that pursue similar goals. Young people who graduate from school as part of the ‘Sachham scholar program’ also have the opportunity to take part in various programs at the CH embassy in Kathmandu:


  • Career counseling and vocational orientation for young people, which enable them to choose a career course that meets their requirements

  • Participation in various professional courses. The young people have the opportunity to take part in courses at various training institutions free of charge

  • Certification of already acquired professional skills as part of the RPL program (Recognition of Prior Learning)


Additionaly, we also work closely with local organizations as part of our projects. The aim of the cooperation is to generate more impact locally and, even with few resources, to achieve good results through the exchange of knowledge and experience. We are currently working with the ‘Laxmi Pratisthan Foundation’ on various project ideas.

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