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We operate entirely by volunteers.

One hundred percent of all donations will benefit our people in need.

Our volunteers pay all their travel expenses. There are minimal administration expenses which are paid entirely by membership fees.

We guarantee that we will use your donation conscientiously and effectively.

  • Our organization works in conjunction with diverse educational and training institutions.


  • We provide housing for single mothers and students.


  • We personally evaluate every child, student, and mother in our project.

"SACHHAM"  means strength, ability, power. We strive to empower young Nepalese to improve their own lives.

Creating Opportunities for Children and Single Mothers

Nepal – Poverty and Child Labour.  Nepal is a country with a very high poverty rate and political instability. One third of the population is 14 or younger! Because poverty in rural areas is especially high, parents send their children to Kathmandu to find work.

At the age of 5, many children already work in the carpet industry, in brick factories, quarries, mines, households, hotels, on construction sites or farms. Forced labor, trafficking, and prostitution is rampand and increased considerably after the devastation of the earthquake on April 25, 2015.

More and more children are growing up without fathers as they emigrate to Gulf or Asian countries, mostly India, to earn money for their families.

To help improve the future of these children after finishing school, and give a young ambitious generation a vital opportunity we founded Sachham.


We look forward to your active engagement.


Education as an Opportunity

Many different organizations sponsor and support children in Nepal, and offer the opportunity to go to school. Many of these children grow up in children’s homes. But at the age of 16* by Nepali law...


Help for Single Mothers


Another focus for Sachham is to support single mothers abandoned by their husbands or are widows. Very often they live together with their children in one room, trying to survive by working from home... 


Would you like to support us in our work?

Annual Report 2016

Sachham supports young adults by financing their further education (after graduating from 10 to 12 grade) and young single mothers with their children as well as projects for needy people in Nepal.

And things never turn out the way you think:

Sachham has been carefully developed, step by step, throughout the past year, up to its orga-nized structure of now. Different situations require different actions. We have been trying to adopt and respond adequately to each given situation. Sachham keeps changing and developing. It has never been the same as it had been a few months ago.


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