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We operate entirely by volunteers 100% of your donations will benefit the work in Nepal.

All members of our association work on a voluntary basis. Travel expenses or expenses are not paid for with donations.
The low administrative costs are financed entirely from membership fees.


We' check what happens to your donations

- In close cooperation with local children's homes and schools, we support those children and young people who lack the financial support of their families.

- Sachham supports these children and young people by paying the school fees and, where necessary, providing or arranging accommodation.

- We work closely with various education and training centres in Kathmandu.

- In order to increase the impact of our work, we are networked with organizations in Switzerland and Nepal that pursue similar goals.

"SACHHAM"  stands for strength, ability, power
 We strive to empower young Nepalese to improve
their own lives.

Sachham - A Bridge to Adult Life

The Sachham project enables young people without family and / or financial support to complete school and vocational training, which, depending on their talents will help them secure their own existence in the future.​

A third of the population is under 14 years old. The great poverty in rural areas means that more and more children are growing up without fathers, who have to emigrate to ensure the livelihood of their families. In addition, many parents see themselves compelled in the situation of having to send their children to the city to find work. From the age of 5 the children have to work in the carpet industry, in brick factories, quarries, on construction sites, in agriculture, in households or hotels.
Forced labour, prostitution and child trafficking are on the agenda - a bitter reality that got worse after the devastating earthquake and the Covid 19 pandemic.

​ To alleviate this misery and to give a young, ambitious generation a perspective after school, we founded Sachham Nepal.

Sachham Scholar Program
Sachham Home

Without supervision and financial support, many young people will not manage to complete an apprenticeship or find a job that gives them an adequate livelihood.

Sachham Projects

Without supervision and financial support, many young people fail to make the transition into professional life and find a job that gives them an adequate livelihood.

At the beginning of ‘Sachham Nepal’ stood the dormitory for single mothers with their children, which was founded by Kathrin Baumgartner. Since we still look after children and adolescents who for various reasons ...

Sachham Cooperations

In addition to increase the impact of our work, we are networked with organizations in Switzerland as well as in Nepal that pursue similar goals.

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Donations to Sachham Nepal are tax-exempt and can be deducted from taxes

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Newsletters and Annual Reports 

Sachham  Newsletter October 2023


Dear friends of Sachham Nepal,

Our second stay this autumn was all about consolidating what has been achieved so far and initiating the next steps for the development of the Training centre. The first ideas were already communicated to us in the summer by those responsible in Kathmandu. But as is so often the case, other ideas came to the fore during the discussions on site. But first things first...

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