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Education as an Opportunity

Many different organizations sponsor and support children in Nepal, and offer the opportunity to go to school. Many of these children grow up in children’s homes. But at the age of 16* by Nepali law the children are supposed to leave the homes and are suddenly left with no support. After graduation from 10th grade with SLC (School Leaving Certificate) follows the Higher Secondary Level, called 10+2, before college/university. Children can be as young as 14 when graduating from grade 10.

These young adults – many with great potential – are thrust alone into the world. They have no relatives, no financial support, no guidance – and no place to live. Without the opportunity for job training or further education, they cannot learn a profession. Their bright futures are suddenly dim.


Guidance and financial support for college education or vocational training

The goal of Sachham is to provide impoverished young people with a vocational training or college education, which helps them to become self-sufficient and productive adults. Because many of these children are only supported until grade 10 or 12 and have no opportunity to finance their education, we at Sachham are committed, with your help, to transform their lives and make a better future for themselves and others.

*(according to Children Act, a person who has attained 16 years does not remain a child)

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