Sachham - a bridge to adult life

In close cooperation with local children's homes and schools, we support those children and young people who lack the financial support of their families to graduate from school after the 10th year of school (SLC, School Leaving Certificate). The local institutions know the living conditions of the children and their families best. Those responsible for these institutions forward their information to Sachham so that our co-workers can take action on site.

Sachham supports these children and young people by paying the school fees and, where necessary, providing or arranging accommodation.

Our experience has shown that many young people cannot take the next step without support, whether this is due to the lack of financial resources for a subsequent degree or a lack of opportunities to complete vocational training. In that case, too, Sachham Nepal supports the young people, pays tuition fees and helps find and pay for suitable accommodation.

Additionally, Sachham works in close cooperation with various education and training centres in Kathmandu, to find the best possible connection solutions for the young people.

For apprentices without own home, we will take care of suitable accommodation.

In order to increase the impact of our work, we are networked with organizations in Switzerland and Nepal that pursue similar goals. Young people have the opportunity to take part in various programs at the Swiss embassy in Kathmandu:

  • Career advice and vocational orientation for young people, which enables them to choose a career course that meets their requirement

  • Participation in various professional courses. The young people have the opportunity to take part in courses at various training institutions, free of charge

  • Certification of already acquired professional skills as part of the RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) program

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