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Sachham Scholar Program

Sachham - a bridge to adult life

In close cooperation with the local Sachham employees and the local schools, the association supports those children and young people who lack the financial support of their families to graduate from school after the 10th year of school (SLC, School Leaving Certificate). The local institutions know best about the living conditions of children and their families. Those in charge of these institutions or the parents pass their information on to Sachham so that our employee can take action on site.

Sachham supports these children and young people by paying school fees, school supplies and school uniforms as well as accommodation where necessary. In addition, Sachham has built up aid for medical care during the last difficult months of the lockdown.


The children and adolescents are accompanied by the Sachham employees in all school questions and questions relating to further school and / or vocational training.


In addition, Sachham works closely with various education and training centers in Kathmandu to find the best possible connection solutions for the young people.

Sachham employees organize suitable accommodation for trainees and students without their own home.

Krishna Gautam is responsible for the Sachham Scholar Program

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