Outlook for 2021


After the past year marked by the pandemic, we will continue to face some challenges in the future. Despite this all, we are cautiously optimistic that some more normality will come back this year and that with our help we will ensure that the children can return to school.

In the past weeks and months, we have worked intensively on restructuring Sachham in order to ensure that our help will also be ensured in the future. We are convinced that the board has succeeded in taking the necessary steps: We reorganized, slightly revised the Sachham website and approached various organizations and foundations to raise funds, as well as reconsidered the structures and the concrete aid in Nepal.

In addition to our cooperation programs with the Swiss embassy, we have planned to set up a small training company for young women. In sewing courses, led by Celina, the young women learn the most important techniques to be able to sew simpler items of clothing, bags and pillows on their own. For sales, we are in contact with a Swiss start-up for sustainable and fairly produced textiles, clothing and accessories. Our goal is to offer women a secure place for training and job. The skills acquired are certified via the RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) program at the Swiss Embassy in Kathmandu.

Our main concern, however, remains to enable disadvantaged children and young people to attend school, as well as subsequent training and certification.


With a lot of experience and new ideas in our luggage, we, Kathrin and Andreas, will travel to Nepal on April 3rd for a month in order to reorganize and ensure the help on site. The possibility to travel to Nepal again, where we are eagerly awaited, fills us with joy.

We will tell you more about this trip and the planned project in the next travel report.


Review 2020


The past year was also particularly marked in Nepal by the effects of the global Covid pandemic. A strict lock down was imposed on March 24, 2020, which was later extended again. People were allowed to leave their house for a maximum of two hours a day to buy the bare essentials. Kathmandu International Airport was closed until May 15th. The measures were initially effective, but Nepal also experienced a second wave with significantly more infections and deaths.


Help against hunger

The strict curfew and the numerous hastily returned workers from abroad led to a devastating emergency, especially among the poor. The borders with India and China, the two main suppliers of food, medicine and gasoline, were closed. As a result, a large part of the population went hungry.

Sachham has therefore decided to use donations to first support all children, adolescents and their families that were integrated into our aid programs when the pandemic broke out, with food.

This concrete in-kind assistance has swallowed up significant funds. But we assume that more food supplies will be needed.

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Riehen, December 2018

Support of the future

Support of the future – Sachham Association Nepal


“There is only one thing in the long run more expensive than education: no education.“ John F. Kennedy.


Dear readers,


„Sachham“ typifies strength, ability & power – values, we want to provide to the highly neglected people of the Nepalese society through our projects.


You wonder why we do what we do?


The heart’s desire of Kathrin Baumgartner is, that children who lived in a children’s home having afterwards the financial support and therefore the chance to study after their compulsory schooling. In Nepal, hardly no affordable education exists for Nepalese people. For the future of adolescents, a study is indispensable.


Sachham introduces itself:


What we are doing exactly

At the moment, there are living two mothers with their children as well as four siblings form a rural and poor region with us in the Sachham house. Sachham gives the chance, especially to those four siblings, to receive education. For us it is hardly conceivable to have to choose between a parent-child relationship and education. Therefore, it is very important to us to ensure the contact to the family at least once a year.


Why we are successful

We are characterized by supporting children and adolescents who are willing to learn for their study.


What have we achieved so far

In 2014, we founded the association and since then we already could achieve several successes. With the joint support of you and us, young adults had the chance to successfully graduate from university or will do so soon. Some examples therefore:

Three nurses could successful graduate their education and are now able to finance their own life and live their dream. One student completed her study in hotel management with outstanding grades and will fly to Japan this December for an internship. Another student could finish his apprenticeship as a chef at the hotel Hyatt and is going to fly to Dubai in spring to receive further training.


What we need and what for

Only education costs (without board and lodging) totals around 25’000 CHF a year.


What you can contribute

To provide the mentioned perspective to the adolescents, we rely on any help. No matter if you want to participate in the association with a small or a bigger amount, every contribution helps us to pursue our principle “education for everyone”. Your donation gives the chance to a part of the adolescents in Nepal to complete solid education and being well prepared for their future and life. Together we will be able to give some few people the chance to a better life. Your donation helps us to provide a direct and sustainable help on-site. In the end, this contribution is a matter of a dignified human existence.


Xenia Lehner

Riehen, December 2018

Christmas Letter 2018


Dear friends and donors


Maybe you feel like this letter is not a real Christmas letter. After thinking for a long time, I deiced to write these lines just in the way I feel.


Certainly, a part of the financial conditions of Sachham is related to my heart attack one year ago. After the attack, I lost the drive and the power to make full efforts for a couple of months. Such a behavior only shows impact after several months or even a year.


After the earthquake in 2015 Sachham received a lot of donations. We do use this money to rebuild houses, as promised.


After this disaster, there were other earthquakes in the world, wars and the big wave of refugees started. This worldwide crisis lead social organizations to need money.


I understand all of this and nevertheless I hope, that we at least are able to financially support the students - who already started their studies with our help - until they graduate.


This new association “Sachham” I founded in 2014, because a lot of children in Nepal may finally go to school, but the continuation to study is completely missing. There I saw the potential.


For sure by far not all children do have the possibility to go to school and girls are still at a disadvantage.


One of my friends wants to donate to parents of girls NRp. 100 (Fr. 1.-) a moth. He is convinced, that a lot of parents would send their girls to school when they get this money. As trafficking in girls still booms and “dealers” promise the parents to give them money and to pay for their girl’s education.


All the children I got to know in Nepal over the last eleven years, gave everything for their education. During school days, they almost had no time left to play. When they come home in the afternoon around 4 p.m., they have a short afternoon snack followed by homework hours of 1 ½ to 2 hours.


Even if pupils graduate the 12th school year with the best grades, it may be that they won’t have the possibility to study – because the financial recourses are missing – and often their only possibility is to go abroad as a foreign worker.


This autumn four female students completed their educations with highest scores as nurse, in hotel management, medicine, management and commerce.


One student started a four-year study. He is not able to live in-house because the college is too far away.


I deeply hope we will receive enough money within the next four years to support the other students as well as the seven children with their mothers.


I am aware of that you receive a lot of fundraising letters, but for me it is the only way to reach you.


I wish you a joyful advent season, blessed merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


Thank you most sincerely for your support.


Kathrin Baumgartner

Riehen, December 2018

Perspectives as a driving force of live

Pretty much one year ago I spent two month in Nepal. The seemingly endless misery and the extreme poverty in this wonderful country may mislead people to look away only out of hopelessness and mental overload. But if you believe in a better future and having a perspective, you will win over the needed confidence to chance things.

Perspectives will give you the chance to unfold your potential, to grow beyond itself and to continue a path even under adverse circumstances. I do know this from my own life: to have prospect of an end in the middle of a hard time, to see the summit to be climbed within easy reach or only knowing to have a nice evening after an arduous day, gives me the needed energy or sometimes as well additionally courage or will, not to give up, to go even further or being real efficient once over again.

This is what I always admired Kathrin for: despite adverse circumstances not to give up and in doing so never deny her ideal, never losing sight of the well and the perspectives of the affected people. On the contrary, exactly those she is always having as the top primary objective of her work! I do know how difficult this can be in a country which is that strange to our culture, where corruption is on the daily agenda and working attitude as well as social norms distinguish a lot from our ideas….

The project Sachham Nepal offers children, adolescents and single mothers – the weakest links in a such a destitute country as Nepal – the perspective of a better live. With all her experience and her lifeblood Kathrin puts priceless energy into the complete personal and individual support of those people. For me it is a great request that the perspectives of all the people of Sachham may remain and by this a little bit more hope can be brought to Nepal and the world.

Solvey Schüle

Riehen, March 2018

Report of January 2018


Because I couldn’t fly to Nepal in Fall as usual, I’ve had a full schedule in January. But the biggest challenge for me was the cold. Not even three or four layers of clothes were enough and nights stayed uncomfortable despite of five hot water bottles.


Nevertheless, I spent a very beautiful time in Kathmandu and had the chance to experience a lot of help and meet good friends.


The day after my arrival Malika Prasai left us. This was what we agreed on. There also have been some tears. Malika was since the beginning of Sachhan with us as a manager. To live together intensive and close like that leads to a deep relationship. I want to warmly thank Malika for her work done for Sachham.


I hoped to find a new manager for the association, which was the reason why I came to Nepal in January. For this position, I wished to get a woman and a man, what I did. Maya finished her education as a social worker and worked as a teacher. Bire will take his exam as a social worker in three month.



Last springtime I described my big journey to the village. We spent a very good time and could bring the family back together. During Fall we got the message that the mother of the four children again got mentally ill and runaway. When she was brought back, she needed to be tied up with her hands and feeds to the bed. I almost couldn’t stand these thoughts.


 When I arrived in Kathmandu in January two of the mother’s brothers visited us (the uncles of our four children). Both were very depressed and the older brother, (the one we support with his study), even needed to determine temporarily his course of studies. In addition to their sick sister, their house broke down after the first big snowfall. To rebuilt the house would cost CHF 7’000.-. I asked how much a stay in a hospital would cost for their sister. The children couldn’t understand why they couldn’t call their mother. After our visit in Spring they always had very casual conversations with her.


Therefore, I went to the bank and got the named amount to bring the mother to a close hospital. I gave the uncles some pictures of the children and told them to hang them next to the bed.

I hope the picture of her children will give the mother the courage to live when she feels better.


The latest news has been much better. Sabina (the name of the three children’s mother) again helps to carry water and overtakes small chores. I also found someone who checks if our money is really used for Sabina.


Before I travelled to Nepal beginning of January, a joyful message reached me. A friend asked me if the three children – which we brought to another home last Spring – could come to us for vacation for several days. I gladly allowed this.

We adults and our seven children were very rejoiced about the visit. It seemed as they never had been separated. They remembered sayings and jokes they’ve done nine month ago.

We particularly notice that the three children fit very good in their ‘new’ home and are very happy there. Nevertheless, all are looking forward to the next vacation together.



At the moment, we only have two mothers with children in the house. One of them works as matron for us and does a very good job. The second mother we now could employ as a chef. Both of them are very important support at the house.

Coming Spring we want to accommodate one or two more mother(s) and their children. I hope the new management team will be incorporated by then. Next to a lot of understanding it needs quite strength and a strict attitude to get the new mothers used to a regulated daily routine.

We are also happy to have other mothers which we are able to support outside of our house. Those women live since years alone with their children. Sometimes they ask repeatedly if we could support their daughters and sons with school fees. Every time I am sorry to not be able to help them. Some of them I already know for eight years. Brave women, who never give up and retry with every visit of me to Nepal if their children could get in.


The adolescents, who live in- or external, do their studies. They have to study a lot. The costs are very different and sometimes very high. But it makes us happy, because all of them make a big effort and are very thankful for the support they get from us.

I also realized that a lot of them need our support to encourage their self-confidence. They want to have somebody to tell him/her their worries and fears and they have to realize, that not every problem is as heavy and unsolvable as they think. Sometimes they also need a correction to their behavior. Which they accept offhand.


The students also help housekeeping. They do cook on Saturday, on their day off, clean their rooms and do the dishes alternately in the evening.


Consistently we are asked for assistance in an emergency. I hope I am able to support some of them. Often, we got asked if we could pay the money to take an exam, which cost CHF 120.- to 150.-. Most of the mothers cannot afford this amount because they have no work or have been sick. They also ask for money to buy instruments for their musically gifted children or a cell phone to be able to receive homework form College – this is how it is done in Nepal.



We still help with diapers in the home for the disabled. During wintertime more diapers are needed. A lot have changed there. Since a group of Australians as well as a group of Nepalese have taken care of the home a lot have improved. Now the home is having a roof against sun and rain, as well as warm water and a washing machine, but most of all wheelchairs.

Curative pedagogical care is still missing almost completely. But if progress keeps going as last year hope for improvement remains.


Hereafter I recognized another delighting new trend in Nepal. Three of my visitors told me independent of each other their ideas for the future. In their opinion in 10 to 20 years it won’t be able to generate enough money to run their social homes and operations. Therefore, they are thinking about building an extra income.

Two of them already began to grow organic vegetables, partly on the ground of their fathers. This doesn’t cost any rent and the ground is used again. We got the offer to keep a part of the profit if we sell some carpets. Those carpets can be self-designed – if wished. I already brought photos and patterns of colors, as well as different yarns home.


On April 11, 2018 at 19:00 o’clock our general meeting will take place at the nursing home Wendelin at Inzlingerstrasse 50, in 4125 Riehen. All of you are warmly invited. After the regular meeting and some pictures the nursing home Wendeling offers an aperitif as usual.


I am looking forward to welcoming a lot of you.


I want to thank to the management of the nursing home for the possibility to hold our general meeting at the Wendelin.


Warmest regards,


Kathrin Baumgartner

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