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Riehen, April 18, 2014

Spring 2014 Update 


First I wanted to thank everybody who supported us. Without you, Sachham simply would not be possible. We are a very small association with almost no administrative costs, so your donations go directly to Kathmandu where they are needed. Kathrin Baumgartner and I pay for all of our airfare and other expenses.

At the beginning of April, I returned from Kathmandu, and I would like to give a short overview of what we have achieved so far.

By the end of last year, we rented a house with three floors and a small apartment for personnel/visitors. We furnished it with the necessary furniture such as beds, tables, chairs, and shelves. We also bought gas tanks and gas stoves for the kitchens as well as all utensils needed.

During our visit, Kathrin and I obtained detailed information about the school system in Nepal and the potential for continued education after completion of grade 10.

We interviewed all of the students to get information about their family background, their heritage, their personality and choice of profession. Right now we support three girls and four boys, and another adolescent boy will arrive in the fall. Additionally, there are some girls aged 14 to 16 who may join Sachham as well; we remain in contact with them. All of these young people come from children’s homes or from very poor families who cannot afford to pay for their child’s education.

Three students started college in December of last year, and the others will start in late August or early September. They are currently working at an internship or taking a prep class for their college admission test. Most of the students will live at our house because, by Nepal law, they had to leave the children home after finishing grade 10.

In addition to these students, we also support single mothers with their children, who all live together in our house. The mothers take care of the 4 young children we adopted last August because the mother is not in a stable condition and cannot take care of them.

We employ a manager who is responsible for the house and all of our inhabitants. She will be in regular communication with the colleges where our students are enrolled, checking on progress of the students and writing reports about their progress.

Kathrin will stay in Nepal until the beginning of May to take care of everyday issues, as it takes a considerable work to make a community like this function effectively. She will return again in September for three months.

We truly appreciate your continued support as we work to improve the lives of these students – and prepare them for a future bright with opportunity. We will provide regular updates so that you can see the incredible difference that your involvement and support provides in the lives of these promising students.


Helga Karle

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