Current projects

The current situation in Nepal

On March 24, 2020, a strict lockdown was also imposed in Nepal, which has just been now extended again. People were allowed to leave their house for a maximum of two hours a day to buy the bare minimum. The international airport in Kathmandu was initially closed until May 15th. The measures were initially effective, but Nepal is also experiencing a second wave with significantly more infections and deaths.

The strict curfew leads to a devastating emergency, especially among the poor. The borders with India and China, the two main countries supplier of food, medicine and gasoline, are closed. Consequently a large part of the population goes hungry.

Sachham has therefore decided that our donations will initially support all children, young people and their families with food who were integrated into our educational programs when the pandemic broke out.

This concrete in-kind aid has swallowed up significant funds. We assume that further food supplies will be necessary.

As soon as the lockdown is lifted and the students return to the schools, we will focus our commitment again on the core task.

Our current project: Investing in the future

In addition to our cooperation programs with the Swiss embassy, we have planned to set up a small training company for young women. In sewing courses, instructed by a qualified Sachham co-worker, the young women learn the most important techniques for sewing simpler items of clothing, bags and pillows on their own. The aim is to build up a label that offers women a secure training and job. The skills acquired are certified via the RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) program of the Swiss Embassy

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