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Sachham Projects:

Sachham Tailoring Training Center


The Sachham Tailoring Training Centre is developing very well in cooperation with the local social foundation Laxmi Pratisthan and thanks to the active support of the project manager at the CH embassy.


The location of our training centre is in Koteshwor – Jadibuti and is readily accessible We have furnished the training centre in a functional way. The premises now offer space for 12-14 places as well as a small kitchen.


We were also able to employ an experienced teacher and to work with her to develop a programme that gives participants the opportunity to acquire a state-recognised Nepalese diploma. The participants learn the most important techniques needed to be able to sew everyday garments, bags, accessories etc. independently. We decided to set up the training centre as a first step and so will consider possible sales of textiles as the next step.

In February 2022 we started a pilot course with 8 participants. At the same time, we were contacted by the local Community Action Centre CAC who asked whether we could also offer our courses to women leaving prostitution.

In the meantime, a total of 60 women have completed the basic course and 28 the advanced course. Of the 7 women who completed the last advanced course, all have a job, either as tailors in a workshop or as tailors running their own business.

Bishnu Tamang is responsible for the Sachham Textile Training Center

Krishna Gautam is responsible for coordinating the projects in Nepal

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